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04-09-2017-Hotlum/Bolam Ridge

Climbing Ranger

General Conditions on Dec 31, 1969

North Gate trailhead is CLOSED. Summit passes, wilderness permits, and pack-out bags must be attained at the Mt Shasta Ranger Station. One may still access this trailhead, however miles of snow covered roads must be traversed in the winter. Winter is in full effect and you must be prepared.

This is a great route and it is in good shape. The crux is full winter conditions (extreme wind/cold/avalanche danger), miles of snow covered roads and potentially smooth, icy and firm snow surfaces. This side of the mountain gets hammered by the wind. While season snow will cover crevasses and create snow bridges, always be on the lookout for potentially weak snow bridges, especially on warm days. The ridge is covered in snow currently as well as the glaciers. Know your route, carry a beacon, shovel and probe and have solid mountaineering skills for this route. Let us know if you have questions, 530-926-4511.