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Rangers have not climbed the Whitney Glacier in total, but have spent some time on the upper portions this year. Like all the other glaciers, it is caked and crevasses are obscured by the winter snow. This route is not often climbed, but is simply stunning. The best beta we can give for this route is to stay current with the weather conditions, and any possible new snow amounts. Climb the center or left center on the glacier. Avoid the climbers left side of the glacier as rockfall off Shastina is almost constant, especially as it starts to melt out. Access from the Northgate trailhead, or Coquette Falls (Bolam) trailhead may be limited due to snow covered roads. Check our 'trailheads' tab under 'climbing' for road status. Full glacier travel protocol and skills are absolutely necessary to be considering this route.


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Photo taken 5.13.15
Photo taken 5.13.15
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