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04-09-2017-Clear Creek

Climbing Ranger

General Conditions on Dec 31, 1969

This trailhead is CLOSED. It will open as snow melts and access is gained, likely later than normal this year. Tough to say when exactly. Current access is not far off the 19 road currently. You may still access the Mt Shasta Wilderness, however your summit pass and wilderness permit must be obtained from either the Mt Shasta or McCloud Ranger station. Travel on roads at your own risk. Always check the weather before you attempt to climb Mt Shasta. To access this trailhead in the Winter, about 5-9 miles of snow covered roads must be traveled.

The route is is good shape and snow covered. Now is the time to climb this route as it rarely holds a thick snowpack. Due to wind scouring, the Clear Creek route melts out quickly. The crux of climbing this route in good conditions is the approach. When conditions are best, a snowmobile ride is nice to avoid miles and miles of snow covered roads. Low angle terrain comprises most of this route. Still, ice axe, crampons, a helmet, and a beacon, shovel and probe are strongly advised. Check the weather and avalanche advisory, know the route, be prepared.