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04-09-2017-Hotlum/Wintun Snowfield

Climbing Ranger

General Conditions on Dec 31, 1969

The Brewer Creek trailhead is CLOSED, and its opening will be dependant on snowmelt this spring. You can still access the Mt Shasta Wilderness from the trailhead, however summit passes and wilderness permits must be acquired from either McCloud or Mt Shasta Ranger Stations. The bathrooms are open and human waste packout bags are available inside. Travel at your own risk. Early season storms can easily bring ample snow and make your hasty retreat challenging! Vehicle access to the trail head will become limited due to snow covered roads with more frequent winter storms, as well. Over 10 miles of snow covered roads must be negotiated to reach the trailhead during Winter.

The current conditions for climbing and skiing this route are likely pretty good, albeit firm, smooth and likely icy in sections.The biggest challenge for this route in the Winter is getting to the base. A snowmobile ride from Pilgrim Ck Snowmobile Park to the trailhead is a good idea, unless you have multiple days to approach.

Rangers have not been on this route yet this Winter. This route is pretty straight forward with a couple variations possible near the top. Stay on snow and don't knock rocks down onto climbers below. Where most people run into trouble on this route is descending back to their car. It's common to miss your vehicle too far to the south (skiers right). When descending, be sure to make a gradual trend skiers left, aligning yourself between Ash Creek Butte and the large lava flow that abruptly drops off at around 9,000 feet. If you put yourself in between these two land forms, you'll nail the descent every time. Again, just remember to trend left at the base of the lava flow at about 9,000 feet, not too far, but by placing yourself in between Ash Creek Butte and the blocky lava flow. This is mostly an issue for skiers when there is snow all the way down to the trailhead.

Call with questions! 530-926-9614 or 926-4511